2PM + Hottest = One Soul, One Heart

فرقة شبابيه تحتوي على 6 اعضاء من شركة جي واي بي الترفيهية
اعضاءها سته : القائد جونسو ،جونهو ،تشانسانغ،تيكون،وويونغ ،نيكون (تايلندي)لقبه امير تايلند
(في الاصل كانوا سبعه مع جايبوم لكن لاسباب انفصل عنهم ليكون العدد 6 )

يتميزون برقص الاكروبات وال بي بوي الجماعي
اول ظهور كان في 4سبتمبر2004 في اغنية (عشره على عشره)
وفي 17 اكتوبر 2008  اغنية (انتي فقط
من البوم  “Hottest Time of the Day.”
وكان رجوعهم في اغنية Again & Again
I hate you
Without you
hands up

 Hot Blood Men قبل ظهورهم كفرقة كانو في برنامج

تم تمرينهم واختيارهم وكان عليهم اقصاء ثلاث من المتدربين
وهكذا تم اختيار ال

Name: Jang WooYoung
Birthdate: April 30, 1989
Height: 180cm
Weight: 67kg
Specialty: Dance
Wooyoung’s biography: Wooyoung of 2pm loves surfing the internet and listening to music. His ideal woman is everything he likes about them. He loves all the food in this world! His specialty is dancing. 






Full name:Hwang Chan Sung
Birthday:February 11, 1990
Height:184 cm
Weight:75 kg
Chansung’s biography: Chansung is the youngest member in 2pm. He enjoys listening to music,games, and working out. His specialties are Tae Kwon Do and Kumdo. His ideal woman is someone who has kind eyes. He is not a picky eater so he eats everything 





Full name:Lee Junho
Birthday:January 25, 1990
Height:178 cm
Weight:67 kg
Junho’s biography: Junho of 2pm looks alot like Rain/Bi. His ideal woman is someone who plans for a child.[WTH?] His specialties are singing, beatbox, and dancing. He enjoys listening to music, watching dancing videos, learning composing, reading, and reading fashion. He graduated from Ho Won University – Program Acting Major. 






Full Name:Kim Junsu
Birthday: January 15, 1988
Ethnicity: Buddhist
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Junsu’s biography: Kim Junsu of 2pm could easily be confused by the Junsu of DBSK. He graduated from KyungHee Cyber College. His specialties are singing, composing, and being fashionable!!!





Full Name:Ok Taecyeon
Birthday:December 27, 1988
Height:185 cm
Weight:76 kg
Taecyeon’s biography: Taecyeon of 2pm also graduated from DanKook College. He enjoys listening to music, skiing, and walking. His ideal woman is someone who looks good in jeans[LOL]. He loves all the food in this world






Full Name:Nichkhun Horvejkul
Birthday: June 24, 1988
Ethnicity: Thai
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 70 kg
BloodType: O
Religion: Buddhism
Nickhun’s biography: Nickhun is known as the puppy of 2pm. He can speak four languages: English, Korean, Thai, and Chinese. His ideal woman is someone who’s kind, cute, and a good person. He doesn’t like any food in this world [LOL]. He enjoys playing the piano, working out, listening to music and watching movies. His specialty is acrobatics and and the piano.





 Jay Park
Park Jaebeom

Full name:Park Jae Bum
 (prefers to be known as Jay Park)
Birth date: April 25,1987
Height: 170cm
Weight: 55kg
Blood Type : A
Religion : Christian
Languages : English, Korean (in order of fluency)
School : Dankook University
Hobbies : Basketball, Music appreciation, Matching the colors of his clothes
Specialties : Dance, Rap, Gags (comical acts)
Ideal Woman : Scarlett Johansson (Someone who is cute and sexy at the same time)
Fav Food : Everything except squid and dog soup~
Specialty: Rap and break dancing
Extra bits: Korean,American-born,JYP Auditon Selection
Jaebom Jaebom is the leader of the group 2pm(that was past). He enjoys playing basketball and listening to music.


حساباتهم على التويتر

– Chansung
– Junho
– Junsu
– Nichkhun
– Taecyeon
– Wooyoung

Jay Park